The Emperor's New Goose
    Our twelfth Pinball Event (and first event of the 2004 pinball season) - The Emperor's New Goose Pinball Cotillion - was held on Saturday, April 3, 2004.

    The festivities started at noon and went until almost 1 AM the next morning. This party was a customer appreciation event and an invitation was required. Those attending were treated to a day filled with pinball playing, high score contests and the tournament.

    The tournament is usually the highlight of the day and started at 8:00pm. Thirty six players started and through the process of elimination were whittled down to the final two. Eric Doree and Mike Christianson battled it out until Eric was the winner.

High Scores:
  • Lord of the Rings TOPS cool sweet awesome prize - Joshua
  • Monster Bash - Wolffy
  • Tales From The Crypt - Dale R.
  • Dracula - Dale R.
  • Lord of the Rings - Josh
  • King Pin - Jim Vescera
  • Scared Stiff - Yancy
  • Apollo 13 - Wolffy
  • Junk Yard - Terry C.
  • Banzai Run - Nick Foss
  • The Addams Family Gold - Chris Frame
  • Pinball Magic - Brian
  • Breakshot - Yancy
  • Roadshow - Wolffy