Bolshoi Goose - our 30th anniversary!
    Our eighth Pinball Event - Bolshoi Goose - was held Saturday September 21, 2002.

    With guests arriving from as far as Maryland and California, our eighth pinball event - Bolshoi Goose (Big Goose) - was a huge success! Beginning at 12:00 noon, and running until the wee hours of the morning, this event, celebrating our thirtieth year in business, was our largest pinball event ever. Our thanks to all who attended, including the two very nice gentlemen who came in from Chicago! A great time was had by one and all!

    Thirty eight pinball machines were on site and running for this event, including one of every pinball machine that Capcom Pinball ever produced. Also brought in for this event was a Gottlieb Pinball Pool from 1979 which was the first new machine we purchased (on 8-6-79), and a Southland Little Pro golf machine which came from Lloyd's fathers business - Rifle Sport - which was located at 812 Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis for many years.

    The tournament started at 8pm with forty four people, and went to the final two people, Lyman and Todd, with Todd winning two out of three games on No Fear, Big Bang Bar, and Airborn. Players and machines were drawn at random at the beginning of each round.

Prize winners for this event were (awarded translites which were donated by Stern Pinball):
  • Star Wars Episode 1 - Dave "billyseven" - received a Monopoly translite, autographed by Gary Stern and Pat Lawlor
  • Scared Stiff - Brad Meyer - received a Stern Playboy translite
  • Junk Yard - Ed Engleman - received a Batman Forever translite
  • Cirqus Voltaire - Chris Frame - received a X-Files translite
  • Breakshot - Derek Fugate - received a Stern Austin Powers translite
High Scores (awarded a souvenir mug or pinball poster):
  • No Good Gophers - Lori Thayer
  • Dracula - David Christiansen
  • Tales From The Crypt - Guy Gades
  • Banzai Run - Jesse
  • Addams Family Gold - ITX
  • Attack From Mars - Jon H.
  • Medieval Madness - Terry T.S.C.
  • KingPin - Paul Madison
  • Frankenstein - Mike Giefer
  • Pinball Magic - Kevin Nagle
  • White Water - Don Coons
  • Flipper Football - Eric Doree